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Our impact

From art classes to dog walking groups, boxing master classes or Eddie Stobbart supporters clubs, horticultural therapy or training for dementia-inclusive church, there are all sorts of ways to connect people with their communities.

It looks different everywhere – but it all adds up.

Livability is working hard to track our impact and hear from the people that we support about how our services help. We want to know what we are doing well and where we need to grow.

Here are some examples of Livability’s impact on social isolation:

  • Tackling barriers to employment is essential in reducing social isolation. Livability Enterprise’s Discovery programme helped tackle barriers to employment in North and East London. In one year of delivery, the project trained 75 individuals seeking employment, with 15 gaining sustainable work.
  • Growing wellbeing and social connections through horticultural therapy. Nearly 70 disabled individuals accessed our horticultural therapy programme Flourish, run at Livability Holton Lee. 97% reported an increase in social networks and reduced isolation.
  • Helping students transition and integrate to life beyond education. At Nash College(our Further Education College) 25% of learning takes place in the community, equipping students for life as they leave college.
  • Supporting churches be dementia inclusive is a vital part in tackling isolation. Livability trained 600 people through our Dementia friendly Church training during one year: a vital lifeline of connection and support for many individuals and families affected by the condition.
  • Raising awareness and understanding for the needs of disabled people grows more inclusive communities. Through our Ability Sunday campaign, Livability saw 220 churches running special disability-focused services.
  • Ways to grow wellbeing and reaching out to the local community were shared with 96 community leaders who were trained to run Livability’s Happiness Course.
  • Livability’s most recent survey of the people that use our services showed 80%+ levels of agreeing that Livability helps them in a variety of relevant ways; including being supported to do the activities that are important to them (87%) and being supported to take part in activities outside of the service (80%).

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