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Our brand

What makes life livable is never down to just one thing. It’s the sum of many things: from friendship to fun; from companionship to community; from a great chat to a challenge overcome. It all adds up.

About our brand

Livability refreshed our brand identity in August 2017, to communicate our values, diverse service offering and community focused approach to care and support.

Why a sum?

Livability is a charity that’s committed to enabling people live the life they want to lead. A flourishing life looks different for each person – because everyone’s needs and aspirations are different. That’s why our brand identity is based on the idea of a sum. Through a sum, we can show the unique elements that go in to each person’s life that enables them to thrive.

What’s livable?

The pluses in the sum show what ‘adds up’ in life to help people live well. Through our services, we work to help people identify what’s important to them, ensuring that our care support is personalised and grows wellbeing. We call this a ‘life sum’.

What’s unlivable?

The minuses in our brand identity show the barriers that need tackling. Too often in our society, disabled people face barriers that impact their lives and opportunities. These might be barriers to employment, education and training; accessibility and environmental barriers; or experiencing prejudice and stigma. At Livability, we think this is unacceptable and act to change this.

Diversity is a strength

As a charity, we run a diverse range of services in including residential care, rehabilitation , vocation and enterprise, education and wellbeing. By using a sum in our brand identity, we can draw out the strengths and unique offer of each service for more focused publicity. Every piece of publicity we create, provides us with the opportunity to communicate something special and important about that service.

Community connections count

Research shows that people’s life outcomes and wellbeing do best when they have a supportive network around them. Community connections really count. Our brand has an organic, grass roots feel, designed to show that the power of community really matters to us. From the people that use our services, our donors, volunteers, staff, local community partners or health teams, we believe that when people come together and share their strengths, so much is possible.

Celebrating our supporters

Our brand also helps us demonstrate the immense value of every single supporter at Livability. From donors, volunteers, or community partners, every talent shared, hour spared and pound given makes a vital difference to our work. Our brand is about celebrating the unique contribution that each supporter makes to our work. We’ll quite often include the names of people or support groups in our sums – because everyone has strengths to bring.

Values and ethos lead

Delivering our services in an open, inclusive, enabling and courageous way are the values that underpin our work. Our values are celebrated at our annual staff awards, where we recognise the contribution that our staff and charity champions make.

Sharing stories

Sharing the experience and stories of the people that we support is a vital part of our brand and communications work. Through workshops and regular interviews with the people we support, we aim to share their life sums and what matters to them. You can read stories on our blog. If you have a story to share about how life adds up for you – tell us here.

Photos that tell a story

Photos are a big part of our identity. We want to show the wide range of lives and services in our charity community. From tea-dances to pottery lessons, table football to tea and biscuits, the young and old are all portrayed as equally – and as positively – as possible.


Our brand identity includes a bespoke set of pictograms, inspired by the Makaton system and cross-checked with accessibility specialists.


As a disability charity, all the elements of our identity had to be as accessible as possible. We ensured our design team tested colours, for their contrast and legibility, online and off. It meant choosing fonts (Paytone and Muli) that were free and downloadable to all, easily read by those with reading difficulties.

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Want to use our brand?

If you are a supporter and want to use our brand, we have a wide range of branded tools and resources available, to help you raise profile for the charity.

You can register with our brand zone to access our guidelines and materials.

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