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Bev’s volunteering story

During Volunteers Week we hear from a range of volunteers that really do make it all add up for the people that use our services and Livability as a whole. The week is a chance to celebrate the work they do and say a huge thank you for their commitment, passion and time.

Today, read Bev’s story; a life-changing injury led to Bev looking for a new way to use her skills. She tells us how she connected with Livability York House Shrewsbury as a volunteer – and what she’s gained.

Tell us about yourself

I live in Bayston Hill, the same village as Livability York House Shrewsbury, which means I can walk. York House staff offer to drive me when it’s raining though! I used to work as an accounts clerk and like to be busy, hence volunteering.

What led you to thinking about volunteering?

Two years ago, I experienced devastating domestic violence. A serious head wound caused me to suffer a major stroke. I’ve been through major recovery including beating the odds to walk again. However, a life-changing impact of the stroke is limited speech and language ability, aphasia, dyspraxia and epilepsy. Recovering meant I wanted to get back to a work environment and build some sort of ‘normal’ pattern back into my life. I missed an office environment.

How did you hear about Livability York House?

I googled volunteering opportunities, went to do-it.org and was put in contact with Livability from there. Livability York House is a residential care home for six disabled adults.

What happened next?

We arranged by email – the best way for me to communicate – to visit the service at York House.

How did you feel when you first came along to York House?

A bit overwhelmed, I was not sure what to really expect. I was made to feel very welcome and felt my situation was understood. I was given a full induction and understood the role of a volunteer and what York House is all about.

What do you do at York House as a volunteer?

I help with the collating of information for various projects such as fundraising and help the admin team with tasks.

What do you think are the best things about York House for the people who live there?

It feels like it is their home, there is so much choice and promotion of independence.

And what’s great about it for volunteers like yourself?

It’s a very friendly atmosphere and I feel part of the team.

John, as the manager at the service, what does Bev bring to York House?

Bev has really helped us move our ideas forward for community projects. She is almost too efficient as she completes her tasks very quickly!

Interested in volunteering with Livability? Find out everything you need about current roles, how to apply and more.

Welcome to Team Livability

Bev has really helped us move our ideas forward for community projects. She is almost too efficient as she completes her tasks very quickly!

John, Manager at Livability York House Shrewsbury

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