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Mental health

Supermarket quiet hours: creating an inclusive shopping experience for everyone

Supermarkets can be an enormous challenge: all those brightly coloured, branded goods, fluorescent lights and loud music. The sensory overload of large supermarkets can fray the steadiest of nerves. But

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Supporting people living with dementia to celebrate their faith journey – Livability launches ‘My Faith Matters’

For Dementia Action Week, Livability – the disability charity that connects people with their communities – have launched a new resource to support people living with dementia capture and celebrate

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Tailored Training to Help Your Church Become Dementia-Friendly

Livability has recently developed an innovative 4-day Dementia Friendly Church Training programme. This training programme forms one element of our ongoing initiative to equip churches with the knowledge

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The adventure of a lifetime: 44 Marathon Man talks about his European adventure

On 1st April Peter Thompson will begin his mammoth undertaking, attempting to finish 44 marathons in 44 countries over the course of 44 days. Peter’s ‘Marathon’s for the Mind’, will help

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The Happiness Course – common questions

The Happiness Course has been getting some great attention recently. We were written about in the Telegraph and a great response came from Jim McManus. A few weeks ago the FT published two articles on

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The routine and friendship of a church coffee morning: One family’s story about supporting dementia through the church

When the symptoms of dementia start affecting a person’s life, being part of a local community can help retain a sense of identity and connectedness. To mark the start of Dementia Awareness week, we

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Together for Good – a community approach to wellbeing

How can churches build a community approach to wellbeing and positive mental health? Livability are launching ‘Together for Good’ – a new, free resource designed to provide churches

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What about wellbeing for church, care and community workers?

With this year’s Mental Health Awareness Day on October 10th being focussed on mental health in the workplace – how many people will be considering the experience of care, church leaders, care

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What’s the one thing you wish the Church understood about mental health?

‘What one thing do you wish the Church understood about mental health?’ is a question Mat Ray – author of Livability’s Lifting the Lid – has asked people living with ill health. In

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Why I run – 44 Marathon Man talks about the origins of his love of running

Peter Thompson is taking on the biggest challenge of his life – running a massive 44 marathons in 44 days. With only a few weeks to go, he told us what he loves about running and how to keep a good life

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