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Prayer diary

Every four months, we send out the Prayer Diary. Each issue is jam packed with prayer pointers, news and stories for you to follow along each week and support us in prayer.

Please do click here to sign up for the prayer diary and we will then send you the next issue as soon as it’s released.

You can see the most recent issues below.

Prayer Diary: January – April 2018

Welcome to 2018’s first edition of Livability’s Prayer Diary. We’re delighted to be starting a new year and new journey of prayer with you.

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Prayer Diary: January – April 2019

Our journey together for 2019 Welcome to 2019. We invite you to join our prayer journey for the year ahead. In a society where the risk of loneliness and isolation continues to impact disabled people,

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Prayer Diary: May – August 2018

People’s lives do better when they are connected Every day at Livability, we see how the little steps and actions that people take can really add up to a more included and supported life. Both personally

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Prayer Diary: May – August 2019

Spring is here and we hope you have had a wonderful Easter…     Each year, the journey of Easter is a celebration of God’s amazing grace and the transformational hope it brings. At Livability

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Prayer Diary: September – December 2018

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Livability’s prayer diary for 2018 It has been a busy summer in the Livability community that saw us launch ‘More Than Welcome’. The resource is designed for churches

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