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 ‘Disabled people experiencing fewer opportunities for Independent Living despite Government’s 2008 commitment’ says new report

Disabled people are experiencing diminishing opportunities for independent living, according to a new report published by Disability Rights UK and national charity, In Control. The report entitled  ‘Independent

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‘Bedroom Tax’ overturn passed by Commons

A bill aiming to reduce the scale of the ‘Bedroom Tax’ has passed through a second reading in the House of Commons. Last Friday (5 September) Lib Dem and Labour MPs voted by 306 to 231 to

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‘Quiet, please’ – The benefits of silent prayer as a path to deeper faith and wellbeing

I live in the centre of London. By many standards my neighbourhood could be considered to be a quiet area, though not by reputation. You might be surprised to discover that it’s possible to find peace

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“Parallel London’s Super Sensory 1k will be different for every athlete. It’s going to be extraordinary”

Jo Grace is an inclusion and sensory engagement consultant and founder of The Sensory Projects. She is one of the ambassadors of Parallel London, the UK’s largest disability-led challenge event which

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“When faced with barriers in society, a positive attitude is half the battle,” says Kayleigh Walters. This is a story about how a daughter and mother overcome barriers in everyday life

Kayleigh Walters is one of Livability’s Service User Engagement Officers. Her role sees her visiting a range of Livability services around the UK. We interviewed Kayleigh and Annette Walters about how

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44 marathons, 44 European countries, 44 consecutive days

On April 1st 2017 Peter Thompson begins an epic adventure: 44 marathons across 44 European countries in 44 consecutive days! This will involve running a marathon within every country in Europe –

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A carer’s perspective – Ten ways churches can offer more support to carers

One in eight adults in the UK has a caring role, with about 6,000 people taking on caring responsibilities each day. Churches can offer practical support for carers, but don’t always know where to start.

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Ability Sunday is the 10th September – A day to celebrate everyone’s gifts

At Livability, we believe everyone has strengths, talents and gifts to share. Churches and communities are richer when everyone is taking part. This Sunday 10th September, is Ability Sunday. Livability

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An Engaged Community In the Midst of Global Change

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Mister Rogers I chanced

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Are our communities a place of belonging for all? Working for partnership and inclusion

When asked to imagine a community, we would probably describe a group or groups of people brought together by interests, shared space, beliefs or experience. Not that this suggests that conformity is necessary

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