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Friendship Really Matters: What is therapeutic and positive about gardening? Two horticultural therapists share their view

Livability’s horticultural therapy programme ‘Flourish’ at Livability Holton Lee sees remarkable change in how people relate to each other. But why does this kind of therapy help to connect

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Growing thriving communities from the soil up

Gay Search takes a look at how community gardens nourish neighbourhoods and help wellbeing to flourish. Over the last thirty years or so, the steady rise of community gardens have done wonders to green

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Hygge and happiness – choosing friendship this new year

Sharing, being kind, relaxing with friends – Gay Search discovers how to hygge for the new year. The latest export from Scandinavia to arrive on our shores along with snowflake sweaters, Scandi-noir

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Is your happiness adding up?

Andy Parnham reflects on the three categories of happiness – pleasure, engagement and meaning – and shares how this has profoundly impacted who have been involved with Livability’s Happiness

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Peter Thompson and the people at Flourish share why his Tour de France challenge really matters

Livability’s wellbeing initiative ‘Flourish’ has been a big inspiration to Peter Thompson in his Tour de France challenge. The Dorset based horticultural therapy project promotes wellbeing,

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Powerful plants – the therapeutic benefits of gardening

It is no coincidence that paradise, in several of the world’s great religions, is portrayed as a garden. There is something elemental in our relationship with nature that speaks to something very deep

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Seasonal Self Care – summer wellbeing, a time to reflect and connect

Charlotte Overton-Hart encourages us to take a step back to consider some seasonal ways of looking after our own wellbeing.

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The Boot Camp volunteers that turned a minus into a plus after wellbeing burglary

When the going is tough, having a community that comes alongside – ready to get down and dirty – can make all the difference, as a Livability service in Dorset discovered recently. Utility vehicle

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Together for Good – a community approach to wellbeing

How can churches build a community approach to wellbeing and positive mental health? Livability are launching ‘Together for Good’ – a new, free resource designed to provide churches

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