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Christian Legacy Week: Impacting future generations for good

Livability is a charity that continues the work of two social reformers of their day: The 7th Earl of Shaftesbury and John Groom. In Christian Legacy week, we think about how this inspires people to continue our work in to the future…

For the disabled people and communities that Livability supports, gifts in wills are vital. With over half of the donated income we received last year coming from gifts in wills, much of our life-transforming work simply wouldn’t be possible without these precious gifts. That’s why Livability is taking part in Christian Legacy Week (17th-23rd October).

At Livability, we’re proud to enjoy the support of a group called the “Rose Fellowship”. This community of supporters has been created to honour and unite people who decide to remember us in their wills. It plays a really important role in helping our work continue into the future.

7th Earl of Shaftesbury

As a charity – Livability’s roots started with two notable Christian social reformers of their day – the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury and John Groom. By remembering the work of Livability in their wills, “Rose Fellowship” members help to support disabled and vulnerable people and build on this rich heritage of social reform and change.

John Groom

One Rose Fellowship member says: ‘Livability is an organisation close to my heart and I believe both the Earl of Shaftesbury and John Groom would be impressed and proud of all that continues to be done on behalf of those in need, so long after they began their work in God’s name.’

Katrina Emerson, from Livability’s fundraising team said: ‘Taking part in Christian legacy week is really important to Livability. We want to raise awareness for how someone’s generosity can make a real difference in the wider world and impact future generations for good.

Gifts in wills make it possible for our work to reach many more people than it would otherwise, and to have a far greater impact on their lives. Every supporter who remembers us in this way – whether the gift is large or small – is helping to tackle social isolation and enabling people to feel more included in their community.’

If you would like to speak to someone at Livability about how to leave a gift in your will, please call us on 020 7452 2121 or email supporterservices@livability.org.uk

From the days of Lord Shaftesbury and John Groom, Livability has been working for inclusion and social change. Read about Livability’s heritage here.

For more information on the campaign click here.



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