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Please note one-off donations will be subject to processing fees from our platform hosts, everyday hero, of up to 6% of your donation. However, you can opt to cover the fee so we still receive 100% of your donation.

Thank you

Livability’s supporters are at the heart of our work. As a charity that exists to tackle barriers in community life that cause disabled and vulnerable people to become socially isolated, you make possible our work to help people connect with their communities and be included.

Every donation we receive, regardless of how big or small it is, makes a difference.


Without you, Livability would not be able to provide wellbeing programmes, such as our Flourish programme at Livability Holton Lee, where people learn new skills in horticulture and conservation, build their confidence and make friends.

Donations give a voice to the people we support, and ensure they are fully involved in decision-making which impacts their lives. We listen to and act upon feedback.

With you, we are able to equip churches to tackle barriers in community life that stop people from being able to take part. This includes our work to help churches improve accessibility for people living with dementia.

Gifts also help us build pioneering spinal injury centres in the UK, to improve our residential care homes, giving greater independence to disabled people and provide opportunities to socialise.

Donations to Livability go overseas too, as we reach out and support people with spinal injury in Nepal and Myanmar.

Your donation helps to improve community connections for some of Britain’s most deprived and isolated individuals by supporting projects in our community centres.

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