You can support disabled people like Sheila enjoy better community connections and support, which reduce loneliness

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Projects like Flourish enable people to experience the physical and emotional benefits of gardening

can help to unlock lives with gardening

Your donation can help to pay for seeds and tools which disabled people taking part in the Flourish project can use in the gardens.

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can help to unlock lives with sport

Your donation can help to buy specialist equipment in our care settings, to support disabled people improve fitness and strength.

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can help to unlock lives with technology

Your donation can help pay for eye tracking technology, which helps disabled people control a computer with their eyes. This provides more choice and independence for non-verbal communicators.

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Growing awareness for the health benefits of nature-based activities

A recent report published by the Public Health Community Fellowship explored the subject of tackling loneliness in the community through nature-based activities. It featured Livability’s Flourish project in its findings which showed:

  • 91% of participants either agreed or strongly agreed they felt sociable and enjoyed life overall since joining the activity.
  • 82% of participants either agreed or strongly agreed they felt physically healthy since joining the flourish ecotherapy group.


In her mid-50s Sheila suddenly had a stroke.

She couldn't work as a nurse anymore. She couldn't move her legs or speak.

"When I met Sheila, she was very shy and isolated. Now I can see she has a real vibrancy and sparkle. She takes pride in growing her favourite flowers such as primroses and pansies." - Dr Anna Sweeney, Flourish Team Leader and Horticultural Therapist.

Wellbeing and wildlife

Gardening isn't just a pleasant way to pass the time. It's a very powerful and effective therapy. As well as flowers and produce in the garden, the people that take part in Flourish are growing wellbeing, new skills and greater confidence.

Every day, thousands of people are able to develop, blossom, learn and thrive thanks to Livability's specialist services.

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Everyone has a role

The Flourish garden is constantly developing with the diverse Flourish community who are growing in confidence as they take a shared responsibility for managing it. Everyone has a role to play, sharing skills and supporting one another as we work towards creating an accessible, sustainable and wildlife friendly market garden.

"Coming here was like paradise: I felt safe, and I didn’t feel out of place or lacking. It’s human nature to have a kind of hierarchy, according to what people can or can’t do, but here it’s different: it’s a community."
- Flourish volunteer

The combination of working together on a meaningful activity to grow plants, provide fresh produce and crafts for the local community as well as learning new skills and being mindful, all effectively improves wellbeing. With your support Flourish can continue to inspire our wider community to not only learn about growing your own food and how to support the local environment but the value of an inclusive community and steps to improving wellbeing.
- Anna Sweeney, Flourish Team Leader and Horticultural Therapist

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