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Gifts in wills

By including a gift in your Will to Livability, you are giving the precious gifts inclusion and community for future generations of disabled and vulnerable people.

For many people in our society, being able to take part and feel included in their community is difficult. From benefit cuts, unemployment, lack of educational opportunities, poor health or prejudice, there are all sorts of barriers to a flourishing life. As a charity, Livability is committed to tackling such barriers which so often impact disabled and vulnerable people the hardest.

Why gifts in Wills are so important

Thanks to our generous and kind supporters, particularly those who have chosen to include a gift in their Will to Livability, we are able to run a network of services and projects across the UK to help connect people to their communities.

Whether it’s running a horticultural therapy programme at Livability Holton Lee to enabling friendships to blossom, or equipping churches to support the needs of their local community, we believe when people are connected to each other their wellbeing and quality of life is boosted.

All that we do today has been made possible thanks to our supporters that chose to leave a gift in their Will to benefit future generations.

Last year, gifts in Wills accounted for over half of the income we received from supporters. So it’s no exaggeration to say that without these vital gifts, we wouldn’t have been able to touch the lives of the all the people that we support in our services.

These special gifts will be just as important, if not more so, in the years to come as they are today. That’s why we are asking our supporters to consider including a gift in their Will to Livability so that we can see future generations of disabled and vulnerable people flourish in their communities.

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