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Remember a Charity in your Will Week: 10th-16th September 2018

To raise much needed awareness of the importance of gifts in Wills, Livability took part in Remember A Charity Week from 10 – 16 September 2018. During the week, we came together with our supporters to tackle some of life’s biggest questions, such as ‘how can communities help disabled and vulnerable people in the future?’

Right now, in our society, people are facing social isolation. It’s a major health risk and disabled and vulnerable people are often hardest hit. Quite simply, many disabled and vulnerable people are not given the opportunity to become fully included and valued members of community. And as a result, around 50 percent of disabled people are lonely on any given day. It’s a staggering statistic that demonstrates why good support, innovative care and establishing positive community connections and friendships is so very vital to improving health and life outcomes and enabling disabled and vulnerable people to live their fullest life.

That’s why Livability is working hard to deliver services and projects that help people connect with their community. But with over half of Livability’s fundraised income coming from supporters who have generously chosen to leave a gift in their Will, these gifts are vital for our work to continue in the years to come. And even a small amount can make a big difference.

The HUMAN search engine

As part of Remember A Charity in your Will Week 2018, the HUMAN search engine brought together over 200 charities to share some truly inspiring stories on how gifts in Wills can help answer some of life’s biggest questions.

Please take a minute to discover how you can help answer our biggest questions for the future and pass on something wonderful at Humansearchengine.org/livability

How you got involved

We asked as many of our supporters as possible to get involved in Remember a Charity in your Will Week 2018 – after all, it’s only because of you that we can continue to help connect disabled and vulnerable people with their communities.

Here’s some of the ways you can got involved:

  • By visiting humansearchengine.org/livability to read some truly inspiring stories on how, together, we can answer some of life’s biggest questions
  • Joined in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter and let #HumanSearchEngine know how you would like to help pass on something wonderful

How can you still get involved?

With a gift in your Will, together, we can continue to remove the barriers that prevent disabled and vulnerable people from living their fullest life.

What is Remember a Charity?

Learn more about what Remember A Charity hopes to achieve and how you can help

We'd love to hear from you

Contact us if you would like to discuss including a gift in your Will to Livability, or you would like more information about our work.

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