At Livability Maesbury Metals, artists like Gavin, Mikey and Jonathan are creating something wonderful

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Could help pay for the materials our artists need to make art, such as wood, nails and solder.

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Could help pay for new tools, as most of our existing ones have been donated and are coming to the end of their life.

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Could help pay for vocational training courses for disabled people
so they can find paths to employment.

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I'd be lost if I didn't have this place

Gavin is creating wonderful art and furniture with support at Livability Maesbury Metals. He comes to our workshop on the industrial estate to make table tops and other pieces from metal.

He’s grown in confidence and has made good friends with the other artists. He’s been with his girlfriend, Mary Beth, for 12 years, and was delighted to be able to make her a special sign from metal for her birthday.

I'm happy here. I like making good stuff

Jonathan is learning woodwork, and has all his dad’s old tools. He also does some metalwork – at Christmas, he made snowmen out of horseshoes. He comes five days a week and loves being busy. He’s particularly good at helping others when they need some guidance.

By coming together, our artists can make new friends, learn important new skills and develop their confidence. This is real enterprise, where participants are building a better future. Some goon to receive certification and find a path to employment.


I've made my dad proud

Mikey is 26 years old and has epilepsy. He has been coming to Livability Maesbury Metals for a year, four times a week. He had struggled to get a job due to his seizures. Metalwork runs in Mikey’s family – his father was a welder, and suggested Mikey join the project.

Sadly, his father passed away recently, but Mikey knows he made him proud. Mikey particularly likes making house numbers out of horseshoes.

Confidence, self-esteem and friendships...

Every day, I have the privilege of seeing the difference people like you can make at the metal and wood workshop I manage, where disabled and vulnerable people are making friendships, developing skills and creating wonderful works of art.

But it’s not just the bespoke items they create that are special. It’s the confidence, self-esteem and friendships that develop when people come together with our support. This fantastic project is about so much more than art. Every person learns new skills with the help of our specialist staff, improving their job opportunities. This is a real workplace on an industrial estate, where the work that the artists create and sell challenges public perceptions and connects them with their communities. I hope you agree and will want to support vital projects like this with a gift today.

Janet Anderson

Day Operations Manager,
Livability Maesbury Metals

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