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Second earthquake hits Nepal

Reports this morning state that a second earthquake has hit Nepal 52 miles east of the capital Kathmandu with a magnitude of 7.2.

Livability International, who have been working with survivors from the first earthquake, report that all patients have been evacuated outside (see photo below) and have been unaffected by the most recent one.

Livability International work with the specialist Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre in Kathmandu. It’s services and expertise are in high demand in the country and they expect an influx of patients following the second earthquake.

The team report that there is a shortage of beds and that local craftsmen are being sourced to build them instead. Currently 50 patients have been admitted to SIRC as a result of the earthquake and many more expected to arrive, having been relocated from other hospitals to this specialist unit.

SIRC estimates it has capacity within its infrastructure to accommodate 200 beds.  Without the appropriate care, there is a risk that patients’ conditions will worsen or that they might die.

As the only specialist purpose built spinal injury centre in the country, SIRC faces enormous challenges in terms of resources and trained staff.

To help those impacted by the earthquakes, please click here for Livability’s Nepal Urgent Care and Rehabilitation Appeal http://www.abilitysunday.org.uk/get-involved/appeals/nepal-urgent-care-rehabilitation-appeal/

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