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The Happiness Course Leaders Training Day: London

Tuesday 12th February, 2019
09:30 am - 04:30 pm
Livability Head Office, 6 Mitre Passage,, London, England, SE10 0ER
£ 100.00

This day will train you to run Livability’s “The Happiness Course” in your community.

The Happiness Course is a four session course based on scientific research, ancient wisdom and real life experience. Participants can apply the course to improve their own happiness, and churches can use it to make their community a happier place.

The Happiness Course was developed by Livability to support churches in having meaningful conversations about happiness and wellbeing.

In every session we talk about our experiences, examine what science tells us, and then explore practical tools that we can use during the week. The course starts by asking the simple question ‘What makes you happy?’ It then examines four different kinds of happiness – pleasure, success, relationships and meaning.

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