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Finding a moment of calm on National Stress Awareness Day

The 7 November marks National Stress Awareness day. Regardless of whether you are a city dweller or live in a remote part of the UK, we all face daily and an often, growing to do list.

Work, health, finances and family are just a few of the elements we try and balance, often forgetting about ourselves and our personal wellbeing in the process. A recent report from Forth said that 85% of adults are experiencing stress regularly and over a third feel stressed for at least one full day per week[1]. This is a worrying statistic.

At Livability, personal health and wellbeing is paramount for those we serve. We know people do better when people enjoy positive relationships, so we aim to get people more connected.

On National Stress Awareness Day we take a look at a few places that help the people we support to find a moment of calm and wellbeing around the Livability community.

Visitors to our wellbeing discovery centre in Dorset, Livability Holton Lee, can find solace bird watching or stargazing. The 35 acre wellbeing discovery centre is a great spot for a peaceful walk also. For events and updates visit Facebook.

Pause in the Livability Victoria Education Centre Sensory Garden: our students benefit from this new garden opened at our school in Dorset. The space includes plants and sensory items.

Take time out and stitch at Livability Corner Patch – our participants create hand crafted bunting, cushions and gift boxes. You can visit the store in Oswestry during the week.

Ecotherapy at Flourish: participants enjoy getting involved in horticulture, conservation and rural craft in the tranquil setting of the gardens and unspoiled nature reserve at Livability Hotlon Lee. You can now buy produce grown onsite at the Green Cabin.

Livabilty works to connect communities and work for change through a network of community hubs churches. Kingsley Hall in Dagenham runs all sorts of community activities. Drop in to find out about tea dances, or just pop in to get a cup of tea and meet with neighbours.

A respite break or an art class – all by the sea at Livability Ashely Place. This residential care home provides residents with options to enjoy art and yoga. Short breaks are also available here.

If you’d like to explore more on wellbeing with Livability you may like to read about The Happiness Course which looks at, what are the ingredients to a happy Life? The sessions train participants to run the course in their local area, in churches and beyond. The next course is coming up on the 15th November in London.

How do you find a moment of calm? Join the conversation online


[1] https://www.forthwithlife.co.uk/blog/great-britain-and-stress/

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