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Friends of Netteswell Rectory launch

On Friday 4th April Livability will officially open their new ‘Friends Group’ at the Netteswell Rectory. The event itself will take place on Manston Road, Harlow, Essex CM20 3PA and start at 1.30pm aiming to finish at 3.30pm.

Cheerers from LVThe aim of the event is to create awareness of the services which Livability provide at Netteswell Rectory which is home to nine adults with learning disabilities.

Livability is aiming to boost the number of volunteers around the country, these clusters of volunteers are known as ‘Friends Groups’. Livability hopes this event will raise awareness and inspire people to get involved.

The launch will be attended by Robert Halfon, the MP for Harlow, who has long supported charitable organisations in the area. Mr Halfon MP said of the event: “This is an incredible initiative that will help transform the lives of disabled people. I thank Netteswell and Livability for all they are doing. I am very proud to be associated with both.”




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