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The Knitted Christmas tree: Success story

Year before last, fundraisers came together in a challenge to create a Christmas tree to raise funds for Livability’s residential home, John Grooms Court in Norwich.

People were asked to knit squares and decorations which together would be hung on a wooden framework to create a 15 foot Christmas tree. After an overwhelming response, 600 knitters created over 4,600 green squares for leaves and nearly 2000 tree decorations.

The tree was displayed at the Knitting and Stitching Exhibition in the Harrogate International centre, in November 2011, then at The Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Norwich from 6th December to 8th January 2012.

Following on from the successful Knitted Christmas tree challenge, over £1,250 in donations had been made at The Cathedral of St John the Baptist. To date, the tree has managed to raise a grand total of £7,260 for Livability.

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