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Livability responds to Children’s Commissioner’s report

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner has warned that children’s health and education could be adversely affected by the Welfare Reform Bill.

Dr Maggie Atkinson today published her first Child Rights Impact Assessment, showing the potential effects of the Bill on children’s rights in England.

Adam Bonner, Director of Community Mission at national disability charity Livability, said:

”We welcome these findings as we have been warning for some time that under the new welfare system reform many families with disabled children will face a cut to the financial support they receive. Estimates show that these families could lose up to £1400 per year (£27 per week) compared to the current system.

We need to ensure that reforms do not push families and disabled children deeper into poverty and hardship. Caring for a disabled child can put a financial strain on parents, for example because parents might be less able to take full time work while caring for their child and because children need access to specialist equipment and transport.

People with disabilities are already some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our society and many already face financial hardship. Currently 60% of people with disabilities live below the poverty line. We need to make sure that disabled children get a good start in life and realize their potential.’’

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