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Livability support World Mental Health day

October 10th is World Mental Health day- an annual celebration of mental health education, awareness and advocacy.

Livability fully supports World Mental Health day and believes it is vital that the challenges facing people with mental health issues are discussed. Part of the rationale for Livability’s support of the day is that we consider having a mental health condition as having a disability, according to the definition for disability outlined in the Equality Act (2010).

We are particularly passionate about working with the church to support people with mental health conditions within their congregations. For example, our community engagement team run the Dementia Friendly Churches programme, which provides a range of resources to help churches become more welcoming for people with dementia. This includes an assessment of the church building, mentoring and a series of training sessions. We also deliver the Happiness Course which aims to improve general wellbeing, including mental health. Similarly, the community engagement team are currently working on a resource to help churches better support those with mental health needs- which will be available later this year.

Mental Health has been high on the news agenda this week. Nick Clegg- Deputy Prime Minister pledged his commitment to investing £120 million into mental health services should the Liberal Democrats come into power.  Similarly, this week Katharine Welby- Roberts- who works in Livability’s community engagement team appeared on BBC Breakfast and BBC Newsnight sharing her personal journey with depression and the need for churches to be more aware and supportive of people with mental health in their congregations.

Please visit the Time to Change website if you or anyone you know is interested in finding out more accessing quality resources re. living with a mental health condition.

Similarly, Livability will be  joining forces with Premier Mind and Soul to create a mental health access pack to equip churches to support those with mental health conditions. The pack will be available in January 2015.

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