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Nash College students art exhibition

Twelve students at Bromleys Nash College will have their artwork displayed at The Gallery Highwaymans in Suffolk.

The exhibition runs from 13 until 22 May 2011.

Nash student  painting

Nash is based in the London Borough of Bromley and is a college of further education for around 60 young people with disabilities.

The Gallery Highwaymans is based in Risby, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6QP. Its Spring Exhibition will feature exciting artwork in a variety of media.

Any artwork not sold at the Suffolk exhibition will be displayed at Nash yearly summer art show to be held on 11-13 July 2011  – this years exhibition will be run in conjunction with Hayes School.

Art work chosen for the exhibitions represents the wide range of individual challenges that face each of the students involved, both physically and cognitively.  Both exhibitions reinforce the fact that people with disabilities display a wide variety of creative talents and can make a valuable contribution to the art world.

Claire Howley-Mummery, Nash Colleges Principal, said ”This arts exhibition is a fantastic way to celebrate our students achievements. We are delighted that our students art work has proved of such high standard and that a gallery was interested in featuring it.”

Nash College is run by leading disability charity Livability.

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