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Our journey and brand – the way forward

We are excited to be embarking on a new phase in the Livability journey. To mark the change, we’ve updated our identity and have some exciting work ahead. In this article and Announcement booklet, we outline the main headlines for the way forward.

For over 170 years, Livability has been at the forefront of supporting people to live full and flourishing lives.

From disability care, to promoting social inclusion and working to enhance community life through church partnerships, Livability’s work is impactful and far reaching.

Now in our tenth year, Livability has entered a new chapter in our charity’s story and we’re refreshing our identity in line with it. The above brochure outlines all you need to know.

From our work at the front line, we know that too many people in our society are facing lonely and isolated lives that can restrict their health, life outcomes and opportunities.

Disabled people often face barriers that cause them to be excluded. Social isolation is also a massive problem for people in marginalised communities around the UK.

As we enter our next decade, Livability is committed to tackling the impact of isolation full on. We know that with better community connections – people’s lives are better.


This is a reality that’s fully in step with trends in the health and social care arenas. Increasingly, care and support is involving people’s personal and community networks.

Going forwards, Livability will focus far more on enabling community connections. Building on our rich heritage of disability services, church partnerships and community work we will mobilise people, talents and resources, to provide more joined-up care for the people we support.

Motivated by a dynamic and inclusive Christian Ethos, we will take ambitious steps to innovate, tackle barriers and work for inclusion.

It will require courageous and values-driven leadership, quality delivery and a real commitment to creating caring communities.

We invite you to join this new strategic direction for Livability.

We call it ‘Livable Communities’.

From the people we support, to our staff; volunteers and donors; church friends and delivery partners; our future story is shaped by us all.

It all adds up.

We invite you to join this new strategic direction for Livability.

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