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Livability is a proven and trusted provider of disability care and community projects throughout the UK. We are proud of a heritage that’s seen us work with one in three local authorities, helping to meet the challenges of a changing care sector. Together, we work to see people take part, contribute and be valued.

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Together and with

At Livability we know that care and inclusion work involves a wide circle of people. Together and with disabled people, families and carers, our staff, churches and volunteers, local authorities and community partners, we develop creative responses that all add up to better life outcomes and support.

Creating connections

Livability brings a dynamic offering to the health and social care arena. We have proven expertise in disability care and community work, and a wide network of staff, volunteers and church partners in the UK.

We know that people want more choice to design their own support, building on both their needs and strengths, within their own community of relationships and services. We work hard to make that possible for all we support.

Livability works with local authorities in creating innovative approaches to the care, health and inclusion needs of disabled, vulnerable and isolated people. Taking a flexible approach and with strength of expertise in community mobilisation and collaboration, Livability comes up with solutions to care needs, working with local partners.

Tackling isolation

With social isolation a rising problem in our communities, many elderly, disabled and vulnerable people aren’t getting the support they need. Too many people are experiencing the effects of social exclusion or lack social support.

Social isolation can have serious health implications – equivalent to the impact of obesity or smoking. Disabled people are at risk of isolation. At the same time, people in more isolated situations, the onset of disability is more likely. But research shows that where people are more connected to their community – wellbeing is massively improved.

Our impact

Every day, we deliver direct services to over 1,000 people – and we mobilise and resource a wide range of community hubs, churches and activists to work for inclusion and wellbeing.

Our settings are registered by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England and RQIA in Ireland.

Academic settings

  • Livability Victoria Education Centre was inspected by Ofsted in June 2015. The inspection concluded that Livability Education Centre is an outstanding school in all areas. Our integrated approach to education therapy and care enables students to make outstanding progress and achievement. The report recognises the high levels of engagement and support provided to enable students to reach their potential. We are proud of our exceptional relationships between staff and students and a personalised team around the child approach.
  • Livability Nash College was inspected by Ofsted in January 2019. It is with regret that Ofsted judged the provision as inadequate overall in terms of effectiveness. Following this report we are taking immediate action to make very important improvements to the quality of the provision at the college to ensure the best outcomes are achieved for the students that we serve and support there. The report has highlighted a range of strengths that are positives we can build on. Inspectors noted that students enjoy attending the college; that learning takes place in a respectful and caring environment and that students feel safe, with the new Senior Leadership Team understanding what needs to be done to raise standards. Read more here.
  • Victoria Education Centre wins the digital innovation award at prestigious schools awards

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