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What do you need to live a better life?

Livability’s services provide the ingredients to make life more livable. We offer a range of care and special education services. Tailored, flexible and professional, our co-productive approach is shaped by the people who use our services, working with their families and circles of support. Our caring, trained staff build on individuals’ strengths to maximise independence and wellbeing.

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Our commitment to you

At Livability we know that care and inclusion work involves a wide circle of people. Together and with disabled people, families and carers, our staff, churches and volunteers, local authorities and community partners, we develop creative responses that all add up to a better life and support.

Through all our services we prioritise:

  • Person-centred, flexible support: Together, with the people we support, we create care packages that will help people live the lives they want to lead.
  • Working together: We work with individuals, families, carers and other local partners to create the care and support that people need.
  • Health and wellbeing outcomes: Personal health and wellbeing does better when people enjoy positive relationships – so we aim to get people more connected with their community.
  • A strengths-based approach: We believe every community is rich with the capacity to care. We draw people, talents and resources together to create community responses to local care needs and opportunities.
  • Learning and growth. Everyone does better when they can learn new skills. We help people explore their vocation and find new opportunities for personal development.

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