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Prayer Diary: September – December 2018

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Livability’s prayer diary for 2018

It has been a busy summer in the Livability community that saw us launch ‘More Than Welcome’. The resource is designed for churches as they support the participation of disabled people in church and community life. More Than Welcome is endorsed by our President Archbishop Justin Welby. It was launched at a disability conference at Lambeth Palace in July.

We invite you to support this important initiative in prayer and raising awareness. You can also help us continue to run vital programmes like this that support disabled and vulnerable people to connect with their communities by donating to us online or calling us on 020 7452 2121. We would be extremely grateful for any support you can give.

Reflecting on the theme of participation and in the run up to Christmas we have partnered with Lifewords, you can order a free copy of the beautifully illustrated booklet OUTSIDE/IN online by clicking here.

This edition of the Prayer Diary also brings you a range of prayer needs and updates about the diverse work of our charity; from employment to education and from mental health to Christmas connections.

Like you, we are convinced that prayer is a huge privilege and a vital ingredient in our work. We are so grateful to you for holding up those we support before God.
In everything that we do, we’re working to ensure people benefit from positive community connections and have the chance to share their gifts and experiences.

Thank you for your continued support to our charity – it all adds up.

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