Make a Meal of It

Make a Meal of It

Make of Meal of It is a resource to inspire churches to connect with older people in their community.

Over the last few years, community meals have grown in popularity. Events such as The Big Lunch or The Great Get Together have provided a way to draw people who are seeking to build community with their neighbours. Such meals provide great opportunities to connect, but how might we help older people feel truly part of them?

The ideas in the pack provide ideas to help both large and small events. Whether a big scale meal or a simple afternoon tea- all are valuable in helping build friendship.

The pack includes ideas on how to plan the meal, who to involve, how to connect, creative ideas on the day, and ideas for follow up.

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    Does your church want to grow community connections?
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    Do you want to create a place of welcome in your neighbourhood?
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    Do you want to help people get to know each other through food and fun?

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