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Travelling Together

A dementia inclusive church guide

Travelling Together, launched during Dementia Action Week, is a Dementia Inclusive Church guide. This practical resource will support churches to take their next steps towards dementia inclusion.

Increasingly dementia is understood to be an acquired disability, but there often remains great stigma around living with the condition. Too often in our society, and even within churches, people living with dementia and those affected by it face barriers that impact their lives and opportunities. One reason for the continuing stigma and barriers is that dementia is sometimes referred to as the ‘disease of identity’, prompting people to ask, ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Who is this person now?’

This guide is the result of running Dementia Inclusive Church workshops around the country for the last three years, and includes information, reflections, and resources that have featured most in those workshops. People often ask about the symptoms of different types of dementia, the theology of dementia, and even what happens if dementia means a person no longer remembers their faith.

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