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Sophia’s story

Livability supporter Sophia Parsons first got involved with the charity through Victoria Education Centre, Livability’s school in Dorset.

I think the work that Livability does is very valuable. Livability focuses on how people can live, whatever their circumstances or abilities, and reach their potential.

Sophia Parsons, Livability supporter

‘Victoria is such an inspiring place, so full of life and energy and there’s so much love and commitment and professionalism. There’s such a sense of helping everyone to achieve their potential, and appreciating and valuing every single individual.’

Sophia has a personal connection with disability. Her sister became profoundly disabled after reacting to a routine injection as a child. She understands how disability affects families. It’s very important to me to be involved with disabled people because there is so much need – need for support, need for funds and resources. It’s an ongoing struggle and I know that from the inside.

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