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The prayer diary

Join the growing number of prayer partners who support Livability.

By sharing our joys and challenges, and bringing them to God on our behalf, you can be a part of what God is doing through Livability: transforming communities and individuals.

The foundations for Livability were laid by passionate Christians whose faith compelled them to act when they saw poverty and social challenges on the streets of Victorian Britain. Inspired by their legacy, we continue to keep a clear Christian ethos at the heart of all we do.

Be inspired by the faith and prayers of Lord Shaftesbury and John Groom, our two founders.

The Prayer Diary contains:

  • Four months of prayer guidelines, with an over-riding theme for the season
  • Bible and prayer focus on an area of Livability’s work each month
  • Weekly prompts to pray for specific projects or events
  • Pause for thought – inspirational quotations from the Bible and famous Christians
  • Inspiring prayer – questions to help you think and pray more deeply on key issues

The diary is ideal for individual or group use: why not send for a quantity of printed diaries and distribute them in your church?

We also offer an online Prayers of Renewal page, with Bible verses, prayers and meditations for your encouragement.

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