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A tribute to Pamela Kingsbury Farrell-Tredinnick O.B.E

It is with great sadness that we share with you the news that Pamela Kingsbury Farrell-Tredinnick O.B.E, a true friend of Livability and a committed disability campaigner, has recently passed away.

Pamela Kingsbury Farrell-Tredinnick O.B.E. set up the Farrell Trust in 1968 because she saw the need for opportunities for couples where one partner or both had a disability to live together independently. At the same time she was also acutely aware that there was a huge need for accessible holiday accommodation. A number of properties were acquired subsequently by the Trust and over the years they have benefited a large number of people with disabilities who otherwise could not have enjoyed a holiday with their families.

In 1998 the Trust discussed the John Grooms charity taking on the responsibility for running the properties. The property portfolio was transferred to John Grooms as this was determined to be the best way of maintaining the thrust of the work into the future. Pamela became a Vice President and Trustee of John Grooms at that juncture and remained a Vice President of Livability when John Grooms merged with The Shaftesbury Society.

Revd Michael Shaw former CEO of John Grooms and current Vice President of Livability said “Pamela was a visionary and a huge influence in the disability world. She had that unique knack of being able to influence the great and the good with the result that her aspirations to support disabled people regain their independence were usually fulfilled. Sadly due to illness and age her endeavours had to be curtailed and for the last eight years her focus was on providing small grants to enable disabled people to have a holiday or respite care her in the UK. She will be sadly missed.”

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