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What is a livable life?

In the lead up to Christmas, Livability is launching a campaign to explore the question: What is a livable life? Visit the campaign area of our web site to watch our new film, get resources for a connected life and read real life stories about the people we support.

What’s livable and what’s unlivable?

50% of disabled people will be lonely on any given day. Based on the lives and experiences of people we support, the campaign highlights the importance of community connections and good networks of support in living well. It also sheds a light on some of the barriers that disabled people can face in their lives and opportunities and why isolation can be more of a risk.

What is a livable life? Visit the campaign area

Real life stories – growing connections

Taking time to put positive things in to life; making room for others and enjoying a good network of support – It all adds up. Whether it’s taking part in local sports initiatives, supporting people in to work and vocational training, or creative activities, the impact of community connections in people’s health and wellbeing is vital. The campaign’s real life stories show how some of the people we support are getting connected.

Isolation and disability

For many people in our society, the negative impact of isolation on health and wellbeing is very real. Disabled people are often at high risk, due to the disabling barriers in their lives and opportunities. Through the campaign, we talk about the barriers that people can face, from unemployment, negative attitudes, accessibility and poverty – and demonstrates how Livability is trying to tackle some of these barriers through our approach and work.

It all adds up – a new film explaining the community approach of the charity

Having a livable life is the sum of many things. Everyone’s life sum looks different. Livability have launched a new film to demonstrate how through our services, the charity works with the people we support to work out the right life sum for them, and why connections with a supportive community can help.

Influencers and campaigners

Livability have invited a number of disability and mental health ambassadors and influencers to share their wellbeing life sums. From Katharine Welby Roberts, Helen England to Andrew Douglass, the life sums are peppering the campaign with honest and down to earth opinions on wellbeing and loneliness in our society today.

Community connection resources

The campaign launches ‘The Livable Lives’ series – new resources that are focused on helping people live well and have caring connections. These include:

Caring Christmas – inspiration for carers: has been co-produced with Livability care managers and staff across the charity. It’s aim is to provide accessible and budget friendly ideas for care settings that want to support disabled people over the Christmas period.

What’s your life sum?: A wellbeing and self care pack helping people consider what adds up in their lives and how to have a life sum that enhances life.

10 ways to connect with people in your community: provides people with ideas and inspiration for how to journey through Christmas with good connections – and also reach out to others that may otherwise be more on their own during the festive period.

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